Thursday, October 23, 2008


Merbabu is a mountain in Central Java. It close with Merapi mountain. Merbabu means mountain of ash from the Indonesian word babu.The active volcano Mount Merapi is directly adjacent on its south-east side, while the city of Salatiga is located on its northern foothills. A 1,500m high broad saddle lies between Merbabu and Merapi, the site of the village of Selo and highly fertile farming land.
Merbabu can be climbed from several routes originating from the town of Kopeng on the north east sideside, and also from Selo on the southern side. A climb from Kopeng to Kenteng Songo takes between 8 and 10 hours.
We will enjoy the view when we climb it. So many climber go there especially at Saturday night or Indonesia Independence Day

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